Our Company

JEM Real Estate Partners, LLC is a private money lender that works directly with Borrowers and individuals interested in real estate investing. JEM primarily lends to Borrowers who are looking to purchase real estate property quickly. Our intent is to make hard money lending and real estate investing simple and swift. JEM is a direct lender that handles all of their underwriting decisions in-house, therefore accelerating the funding process.

JEM provides hard money lending services to Borrowers throughout the United States for the purpose and ease of purchasing distressed or foreclosed properties and rebuilding or refurbishing them for resale. Thus, JEM generates real estate investment opportunities for private investors and has an established formula for success!

We at JEM are your California hard money lender as well as your Ohio hard money lender, working with Borrowers nationally. We also provide an opportunity for nationwide real estate investing, often targeting real estate “hot spots”.

Allow our experience in real estate investing and private money lending along with our professional team, project management, and expertise, take the risk out of being a real estate Borrower and Investor. Contact us today.