Loan Programs

JEM offers three Rehab Loan Programs based on the Borrower’s needs and experience. Some capital contribution is required per deal to solidify the relationship and commitment between JEM and the Borrower. JEM is committed to swift and reliable direct lending through a strong structure, process and due diligence; a formula for success.

JEM loans on the following:

  • 1 to 4 unit rentals and flips
  • Purchase and rehab
  • Rehab only
  • Refi’s
  • Cash outs

JEM is currently lending in the following states:

Loan Program Options:

JEM Initial Borrower - 1st LienJEM Initial Borrower – 1st Lien

JEM Experienced Borrower - 1st LienJEM Experienced Borrower – 1st Lien

JEM Professional Borrower - 1st LienJEM Professional Borrower – 1st Lien

Click on any of the above to visit JEM’s Loan Criteria page.

Note : All loans programs are subject to change.

Once you determine which loan program applies to you, you can submit your loan request and upload the required documents here.