Reasons You Can Trust and Use JEM Real Estate Partners, LLC as an Investment Strategy.

♦  JEM Real Estate Partners has developed systems that enable quality investment opportunities as well as quick hard money lending. These systems include standardizing the lending process, accounting, and project management. Combined with our experience, JEM is able to invest your money into safe and profitable real estate investment opportunities, a win for both the real estate investor and Borrower.

♦  We at JEM have Intellectual Property (IP) that gives us an advantage over our competitors. Our IP includes a deal analysis tool that can quickly identify a good opportunity and evaluates the wholesale or resale options. With this ease and speed, we can quickly evaluate and process investment opportunities.

♦  Safe investment opportunities are JEM’s #1 objective. JEM has established relationships with key experts in the real estate market. With our process, structure, and experience, JEM is able to capitalize on safe investment opportunities.  When combined with our knowledge and guidance, these opportunities are transformed into your financial security!

♦  JEM makes it simple and effortless to invest with your self-directed IRA. Our simplicity and ability to offer real estate investments nationally can allow the investor to profit from real estate “hot spots”. We provide real estate investments in several states nationwide. Step by step, our goal is to make investing your self-directed IRA or private money easy and understandable.

♦  All paperwork is handled through professional 3rd party title & escrow companies. Finding the investment opportunities, negotiating, appraisals and other due diligence items, as well as providing 3rd party monitoring of the project/rehab and the sale of each property, are all handled by JEM.

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