Executive Team


Joe Brown, President and CEO of JEM Real Estate Partners, LLCJoe Brown, President and CEO of JEM Real Estate Partners, LLC has been the cornerstone in developing and growing this multifaceted company in an ever changing real estate arena. Through his broad knowledge and background in ownership, land developing,…

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rental properties, property management, refurbishing, and financing real estate, coupled with his strong engineering and management background, Mr. Brown has been able to create a stable and growing company in JEM.

Currently, Mr. Brown oversees JEM’s strategic planning and company direction, investment decision making on acquisitions and lending, investor relations, property development, property management and has a strong daily influence on managing capital funds.

Spearheading a property management and rental management service, in addition to owning local farm properties which have been partially converted and developed into residential lots, Mr. Brown demonstrates his big picture approach and understanding of the real estate world. As a leader and manager, Joe has also held long-term positions with The Ford Motor Company as a Production Manager and Engineer in addition to a Supervising position with United Parcel Service.

In addition to his professional life, Mr. Brown has been active in both his local school and church as a member of the School Endowment Committee and Church Finance Committee with his wife Mary.  Mr. and Mrs. Brown have three children ranging in ages eight to twelve. Mr. Brown has a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Technology from the University of Toledo.

jim-wolfe_160x200_Jim Wolfe, Vice President of Operations, comes to JEM Real Estate Partners, LLC with a strong analytical and leadership background. Mr. Wolfe is responsible for the company’s long term goal planning, capital funds acquisition, overall company performance and legal compliance.

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As a detail and goal oriented individual, Mr. Wolfe has been invaluable with keeping JEM on a successful track as well as allowing it to evolve.

With his attention to detail, Mr. Wolfe has been commissioned to envision the future of JEM, formulate the mechanics and criteria for an action plan, and institute compliance to ensure company safety and success. This role is not new to Mr. Wolfe, as he has proven himself, hailing a solid resume as a Plant Manager, a Divestiture Leader and Engineering Manager with The Ford Motor Company. His past experience and real estate foresight make him an incredible asset to JEM Real Estate Partners, LLC.

In addition to his professional life, Mr. Wolfe has remained a strong upstanding volunteer in his community. He has raised 7 children and has actively participated for 12 years as a member of his Parish Finance Committee, 12 years as Treasurer of his local Knights of Columbus Council, a private school Athletic Director and uncounted years of coaching. His well-rounded lifestyle speaks for his character.

Mr. Wolfe has a Master of Business Administration from Ashland University and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial & Systems Engineering from The Ohio State University.

Leslie Millis, Vice President of JEM Real Estate PartnersLeslie Millis, Vice President Project Management, comes to JEM with a solid background in accounting and project management. Leslie’s role as the team leader for Project Management entails following the developer through the rehab process,…

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keeping a diligent eye on the budget/time, and overall general developer guidance. In addition, Leslie handles the accounting for each rehab as well as JEM Real Estate Partners. With a master’s degree business administration, bachelors in accounting, and a minor in mathematics, she is the perfect complement and addition to our lending process!

A keen analytical sense and attention to detail in both accounting and project management were honed and sharpened through her seven years of service as a cost accountant for The Ford Motor Company. There she was responsible for daily, weekly, and monthly cost analysis as well as forecasting and project management. Most recently Leslie has worked for a local construction company where she kept track of the costs and job status as well as a part time bookkeeper/property manager for a property management company. The culmination of this work experience has proven Leslie to be an immeasurable asset to JEM.

Leslie currently resides on her family farm with her husband Mike and two children. Leslie is actively involved with her children, the farm and church. Leslie would say this is where she developed her excellent work ethic.

Mary Brown, Vice President of Daily OperationsMary Brown, Vice President of Daily Operations, is key in the flow of daily information, auditing/quality assurance, closings, and general bookkeeping. Ms. Brown has a great overall sense of the company and keeps her eye on the day to day management.

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She is the person that ties the company together and sees the end product to success.

Not only does Ms. Brown handle the daily operation all the way to the finished product, she keeps the technical systems and computer programs updated and current. Her strength as a multi-task individual also allows Ms. Brown to aid in the forecasting process and assist in appropriating capital funds.

Her ability to provide JEM with the most basic requirements as well as the most complex analysis demonstrates her versatility.

Ms. Brown is married to JEM’s President, Joe Brown, and together they have three beautiful children ranging in age from eight to twelve. In addition to working with JEM Real Estate Partners, Ms. Brown works part-time as a Dental Hygienist and has an Associate Degree in Applied Science from Owens Community College. Both she and Joe have been active in their school fundraisers and church life.

Carolyn Walton, Deal Analyst and MarketerCarolyn Walton, Deal Analyst and Marketer, comes to JEM with a background in marketing, interpersonal communication, advertising and event planning.

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Currently, Carolyn administers to the marketing side of JEM Real Estate Partners.  As a former agency media buyer for Dana Corporation and Owens Corning, Carolyn understands how to market a company successfully.  Most recently she has applied these skills as she conceptualized and created a successful non-profit organization that would bring foot traffic to her city and stir the economy.

Carolyn has two undergraduate degrees, a B.A. in Communications and in Sociology from the University of Toledo. She is still active in the city’s non-profit organization as well as her local school system and levy campaigns. In addition, Carolyn is a fitness instructor for the YMCA teaching a few early morning classes that she enjoys. She has a husband and four children ranging in age from 10 to 17.